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These are great stories and I enjoyed them. But the title and the pictures are sure gonna make lot of controversy. But it's ur freedom of expression & U have the right 2 do so. However I need to point out a little correction. The Tantrics have nothing to do with Buddhism. They're actually a sect of Hinduism


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Dear Anonymous,
thank you very much for this funny information about the real origin of tantric buddhism. We all pass it on to our Lamas.

Tantric Buddhism

I am glad you are enjoying the story!

I hope I don't offend anyone—but you are right, the site might upset some.

Regarding my most recent page, which might particularly be seen as offensive: it describes the misunderstanding of Buddhism by a rebellious thirteen-year-old boy, in a remote village during the Indian Dark Age, when Buddhism was nearly extinct. So it doesn't reflect my feelings about Buddhism—only his. I am glad to say that, later in the novel, his opinion changes when he encounters more accurate Buddhist teachings.

It is true that there is Tantra in Hinduism—but there is also Buddhist Tantra. (You can do a Google search to see many pages about it.)

At the time this novel is set—around 700 C.E.—Buddhist and Hindu Tantra were much more similar than they are now. This might cause some confusion.


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Yeah, I did a little search. There is Buddhist Tantrism. But I think it's not in the original Theravada doctrine. Somethin that came later. I'm from Sri Lanka & most ppl who saw ur site R goin haywire without even reading this and understanding what this really ab't. That's the nature of our country

Buddhist Tantra and Theravada

Yes, Buddhist Tantra did come later than Theravada (according to Western historians, anyway).

It can be hard for people who know only one kind of Buddhism to understand others. Theravada and Tibetan Tantra (which I practice) are very different.

I have great respect for Theravada, although I have not studied it much. I am sorry that some Theravadins may be upset. There is nothing about Theravada here; I am writing only about Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. (And, what I am writing is fiction, entertainment; it is not meant to be taken seriously.)

I hope that helps!

Hi, I have recently found the

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I have recently found the base of some tantrik practices, charnel ground meditation, in pali scriptures.

But these subjects are still fairly new in the west, I like this site, as its presenting a different view on the Dharma.

BTW, Christopher Pike wrote a vampire story with hindu background, the last vampire.


Sukhi, dragonflies

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I see now why this has been a long while coming-- heartbreaking beauty requires gestation...

Thanks, David-- and don't even think about some humble Buddhist disclaimer.

A long while coming

Thanks! I'm glad to hear the new episodes worked for you... Romance writing is about the last thing I ever expected to do, so naturally I'm a bit uncertain about it. I'll try not to be excessively modest, however!

I may write a metablog post soon explaining the long delay. Short version: The novel was more than half written a year ago, so I started serializing it. But there was a gap -- these two episodes and one more. To write them, I thought I would have to remember what it's like to be a teenager in love for the first time. That sort of emotional work requires a lot of time (for me, anyway), and the past year has been unexpectedly messy and busy.

I hope the novel can go back to a regular schedule now; I want to get a page out every week. (Either an episode or a significant essay/blog piece.)

On a related note, it was only after fully working out the plots for "Lord Buddha" and "Dragonflies" that I realized I was unconsciously ripping off Rinpoche's an odd boy—"Lord Buddha" borrows from his father's egregious misuse of God, and "Dragonflies" echoes his romance with Lindie Dale. I'll write about that, too, when the book comes out.