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You are talented

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You are talented but remove that image of Lord Buddha. It's not good for you. Most people see it as an insult. Btw your story is good..! (This comment is for the "Lord Buddha" page.)

A blog post about that "insulting" image

I thought about this for several hours, and decided to write a related blog post: "Death threats from offended Buddhists."

Of course, your own comment was polite and well-intentioned, and not at all the sort of thing I was writing about, so I didn't want you to think that the post was a response to you! It's just that yours is the most recent comment about that image, and it reminded me of earlier, more hostile ones. That happened to combine with things I've read recently to spark this essay.

Thank you, by the way, for your appreciation of the story!

No there is no such thing.

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No there is no such thing. But I know how Buddhists think. ( Not all of them. )But there are some people who get really offended by that sort if things. You can see that from their comments, can't you? I wasn't trying to offend you by any means. I was pointing that out for your own good.. Sorry if I said anything wrong and welcome. Keep up the good work..!