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Ah! The entree is served!

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Excellent-- I think you've hit a good lick here, at the juncture of philosophy for real and for fun. Keep it coming!

Is there some multilingual pun about Dharmakirti and Panini?


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Oh, Panini isn't a sandwich or a comic book publisher? Given the subject matter, I couldn't keep Bill Bailey's emo song out of my head...

I bleed on your Panini

God that guy's brilliant. I had watched his emo song on youtube before, but had forgotten the panini line. Thanks for making me go back to listen again!

The Vetali's Gift

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I just wanted to write and say that I hope you are still continuing to write this really intriguing story. The recent metablog entry gave me some hope. :) I actually found this site and your story by accident. At the time, I was searching for lore on vetalas and some of what you presented here helped me narrow my search in other areas a lot for my own story.

I really like what an inherently mystical past world you've constructed here and I really do want to see more. Take care.

More story. Also, kudos to muflax

Matthew, thank you for your encouragement! I had a complete plot outline, and drafts of two thirds of the chapters of the novel, two years ago. Turning the drafts into finished episodes, and filling the gaps where I didn't have draft text yet, has turned out to be more work than I expected. And I have had much less time to write than I expected. Still, slowly, I do plan to complete the work.

In the next episode, we finally meet the title character—a vetali, or female vampire. Expect it to appear any year now!

I've based the world fairly closely on the mythos of 8th century Tantra. If you find it interesting, you might like to read David Gordon White's books on that (Kiss of the Yogini is a good one), or Ronald Davidson's.

muflax, I failed to credit you in the recent post on Panini for Bill Bailey's Emo Song. Sorry about that! Two people pointed it out to me, and I remembered only one. I've corrected that over there now.

By the way, I love your blog and twitter stream. Somewhat relatedly, Ligotti's Conspiracy Against the Human Race is sitting at the top of a pile of books near my computer.

I want it too!

Thank you for the encouragement! I keep meaning and expecting to get back to this, and one tedious obligation after another winds up taking my time instead.

Revist the Vitali

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I appreciate the effort behind this story writting David. As I've written a few of my own. My own method for getting back into a story that's lain dormant for a while is to start from the beginning and re-read it. I read up to this point in a few hours. And I'm thuroughly entertained and avid for more. But you, as the creator here, you'll re-read it and think of a thousand tiny subplots we may or may not see in the comming selections. Spend two hours, build a world!

This is awesome.

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This is awesome.

Its a great container ( for me ) .
I'm a little embarrassed that even the cliches hit me like hard core dharma.

I hope this has been finished!

( Hey, its IS thanksgivingakkeh )