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wicked holidays to you, too

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I must be seriously bent, because I appreciate this as a holiday present of sorts-- especially the video clip! Whatever are its origins?

Made of meat

The video is based on Terry Bisson's short story, linked on the page.

The filmmakers left some critical bits of the story out, which is too bad, because it makes some of what remains difficult to understand.

The video creates a unique atmosphere, which I like a great deal, although it doesn't seem to have anything much to do with the story.

Apart from that, I don't know anything... I've just done a quick google, and it appears that the director hasn't made any other films. "Meat" won a couple of awards, so I don't know why not.

Currently, it seems he runs a web site devoted to musical performances on balconies. Whatever, dude!

Sic Transit Textus Mundi

Thank you very much! I've replaced it with a link to the Rigpa Wiki, which may be more stable.

I read a study recently that said that after four years, a majority of out-going links are broken—the pages they point to no longer exist. This is a problem for those of us who write material on the web that is not itself ephemeral.

I like to link to pages other than the Wikipedia; linking that seems a bit lazy. But frequently I end up using it anyway, partly because it's often the best source I can find, but also because I expect it will still be around in four years.

Someday the Wikipedia will die, as all things do, and an awful lot of links will die with it.

The Wikipedia is generally lousy on Buddhist topics, and especially awful on Vajrayana. The Rigpa Wiki is better, although it has some content issues too.

Opt Out

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The least we can do it opt out and become vegetarian. That's only the first step, of course...

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