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Acceptable gifts

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That the ring that was only imagined was accepted makes sense to me. The vetali treats intention fruitionally, so the "physical" ring doesn't really matter. She wears his intention and she's not about to deprive the unwitting devotee of the karma that comes from that aspiration. And he's open to it, only clueless really as to what he's open to. She on the other hand must rather enjoy rocking the warriors world. That's projection. I know I'd enjoy it "if I were a vetali" (suddenly I am hearing the tune of "if I were a rich man")


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Wonderful story...does the Uncle have a name?


I suppose he must have a name, but I haven't thought of it!

Generally, so far, I'm minimizing names, on the theory that Sanskrit/Prakrit names will be unfamiliar and difficult for readers to pronounce or remember. There aren't many characters yet, but eventually there will be many more, and I'm planning to restrict names to the few most important ones.

It's not a huge spoiler to admit that Surya's uncle will be back... and a major character... so maybe he'll need to get a name at some point!