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the dakini

enjoyed reading your blog on the dakini, its an interesting subject and this breed of spirit is prevalent throughout Asia and Africa. Aje (astrally inclined witches and also force of the Iyami Osoronga (mysterious mothers of the birds of nights), and the Imole Aleyaya are interesting points of reference. Big fan of David Gordon Whites Kiss of the Yogini too

the word dakini is in a mediation mantra I bought

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I enjoyed your page on dakinis, then I realized that in an Oprah and Deepak meditation I bought, one of the mantras is Om Dakini Namaha. In the meditation it says it means or is used in this meditation to mean "I activate my security". So, am I calling on witches without knowing or what?


It depends on your intention

Hi Cate,

"Dakini" can mean "scary witch," but it can also mean "benevolent protecting goddess who can be fierce when appropriate." And "goddesses" can be understood as impersonal forces, or as aspects of yourself.

So "I activate my security" is a possible way of thinking about the meaning.

With mantras, what matters is your intention, much more than what the words meant in India 1300 years ago. So it's up to you whether you would like to call on scary witches, benevolent goddesses, impersonal protective forces, or your own assertiveness.



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Thanks so much for the explanation David!


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I had to stop and say I also enjoyed reading this!