Comments on “Dark culture: black magic as art and play”


This is the end? [Morrison]

I've never read about the philosophy of the Sublime -- thanx, that was fascinating and intuitively obvious.

Does your series ends here? There must be more coming after this.

So I read the "Eating the Shadow" section as an ending for your sequence of:
rejection --> inversion (black magic) --> incorporation (eating the shadow)

But there you tell us: "I will describe other methods that can be used by anyone. "

But you don't.

And in your footnote on that page you say "Eventually I'll answer that in a follow-up post."

So I look forward to those specific, concrete, non-Buddhist transformation processes which may contain more specific, concrete black magic stuff too -- or are they the same?

Last question: As I am a rather literary dullard, I think reading your essays before reading your novel will help me to get the most out of your novel. Great essays, thank you. Is your novel done?


Actually, incorporation was meant to come before inversion, but I ran into trouble writing that bit up, several years ago, and have not yet come back to it. Sorry about that! Incorporation is about "the shadow", so it's a little scary, but it's not "black magic," inasmuch as you can pursue it without ethical confusion.

Unfortunately, also, the novel is moving at a glacial pace, because I have so little time to write. About a third of it is visible now. We're out of Act I (get the hero into the action) and have just started Act II (cause severe problems for the hero). In the most recent episode, he has been attacked by a vampire. A cliff-hanger ensued. In a few months, maybe we'll find out what happens next.