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Ha ha ha. Very

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Ha ha ha. Very funny.......for a vulture.

A first time for everything...

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This is the first time that I have laughed out loud at a vampire story. I am truly enjoying the ogress character. Please keep it coming, this is excellent! I shall wait for the next installment as the ogress waits for the corpses to flow down the stream.

eating an entire epistemologist

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Dang! What is the reference that just keeps slipping out of sight? I know I've seen that phrase somewhere-- Monty Python?


Really enjoying the story - nice touch with the centipede.

The Home for the Easily Amused

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"If Found, Please Return Wearer to the Home for the Easily Amused"-- I saw a tee shirt thus inscribed, years ago. Ever since, I've considered myself a resident of said home. Pleased to meet another such!