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The Novel

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This story is brilliant - wonderful writing style, good solid knowledge base and full rounded characters. Thankyou so much for sharing, I can't wait until it's finished and and more than up for a personally signed copy when you get it in print! ;)

Hi David,

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Hi David,

We know you're busy but please write more of Vetali's Gift!!! Please don't leave us longing forever...

A Fan

To be continued...

Thank you for the appreciation! My hope is that I can start writing the novel again in January or February.

In the mean time, one of its main characters will star in a post on my Wordpress blog soon! Within the next week or two, I expect. That post is complete, but there's a couple of others that precede it in the sequence, and they aren't quite ready yet.

I had more fun with that (semi-fictional) post than anything else I've written in past year, and maybe that motivates me to get back to The Vetali's Gift.

the novel

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When do you reckon you’ll complete the story? I wish to start reading it, but to me, the suspense of the cliff-hanger is more agonizing than the indefinite delay. Hopefully I won’t have to wait out till my hair is all gray – it’s only 91.502% so now, but the turnover is gradual from here on in. Or worse still, have no choice but to turn into a vampire in order to buy time. That would be all your fault. Can you bear the burden of guilt? No? Then I beseech you to give the novel the time of day and cross the finish line soon.

Btw, I had to quickly skip the above 4 comments in order to get here, but I glimpsed a line giving it high praise. All the more reason why you have to finish it soon, before I die and am forced to come back and haunt you.

Before I die, I hope

Thanks for your enthusiasm! I'm sure I am even more impatient than you are. Unfortunately, I get little time to write, and I have been prioritizing Meaningness over this project. It's impossible for me to know when, or whether, I'll ever get enough time to finish the novel. Sorry about that!

Before you die

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1) Okay, I'll post a comment on the Meaningness website, probably tomorrow. You are so prolific, I can hardly catch up.

2) I believe we live in the same city. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I'm a proficient typist. Other than that, I'm lazy to the bone. But I like you enough to want to chip in. So don't take my future comments in a negative way. I wouldn't have bothered writing in if I hadn't found you worthy of the effort. Oh, and that's not to say that I see myself on the same level as you. You're out of my league, truly.