Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Bodhipaksa is leading a Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse event at the San Francisco Buddhist Center, Halloween 2010.

I will be in the area a few days earlier, at Ngak’chang Rinpoche’s talk on how his recently deceased teacher Kyabjé Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche used entertaining tales of wild yogis to teach the principle and function of Dzogchen. (That’s October 25, in Campbell.) I may stick around for the zombie event as well.

Bodhipaksa created the outstanding Wildmind meditation resources. (Apart from my loyalty to the Aro offerings in this area, I would say Wildmind is the best thing I’ve seen on the web.) He’s a sharp and interesting guy, and the event is sure to be worthwhile.

(Although I suspect he takes theme of undeath in Buddhism less seriously than I do... I’m afraid he may be a much nicer person than I am...)